Monday, January 26, 2009

What a wonderful world

I think I am always on a journey of self discovery. Sometimes the journeys are planned and clearly mapped out. Other times I am traveling along and make an unexpected discovery.

I think the journey I embarked on recently was a bit of both. I had to clear my calendar months in advance because I knew the workshop/retreat I was attending couldn't be interrupted to attend client meetings, surreptitiously send emails or covertly check voice mail. I knew this retreat was going to be different and I had to be 'in the room' at all times and not thinking about my life outside of the space we were in at the time.

I have struggled, since leaving the workshop, with how I would describe what we did, what I learned and how it has impacted my life.

Words still fail me, the experience defies description, I almost want to say you had to be there. If you had been there your experience would have been vastly different from mine and we would have left with different take aways. At least you too would have been equally grappling with finding just the right words to capture everything that took place.

The workshop was about appreciation. The ability to identify, honor and celebrate my successes and the successes of others. It is a truly powerful concept one that I had not fully appreciated until I locked myself away in a room with 14 strangers who became friends. I say 14 and include myself in that number because I found a new friend in 13 other people and made a new friend within myself.

I know this sounds like - what?! Has she lost her mind, again? No, I have found it and am loving the space I am in right now. I have an obligation and commitment to myself to see what is possible and then strive to attain it for myself, my family and my community.

If you are interested in reading more about this ground-breaking work ask me about the book "What Kind of World Do You Want?" by Jim Lord and Pam McAllister. I will get a copy to you ...  

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