Sunday, January 25, 2009

Happy New Year ...

My last blog was about how much I had done since November. It detailed my trip to Omaha and our return to Bermuda. Looked at the activities we engaged in over Christmas and was going to review our failed attempt to stay awake on New Year's Eve.

However with one misplaced push of a button the entire blog entry was killed. Not sure where it went because there is no record of it. Of course I didn't save it because I didn't expect it to go anywhere. So lesson learned, I just saved.

Why am I having problems with my blog when no problems existed previously? I bought a new laptop, except it isn't called a laptop, it is called a MacBook and it is a machine created by Apple. Since I purchased this new creature I have been on a tortuous and torturous journey. There are many things to love about my new toy:
  • The screen is like something out of the fantasy. It is clear, bright and beautiful - you can see for miles and miles on it - figuratively, of course.
  • The key board is lit - for when I do those secret, undercover stories in the dark, I will know where the letters are, so I can report accurately.
  • It is very slim (not the one that fits into the interoffice envelope) but a lot smaller than my current laptop, which is usually on whenever I am operating my MB just in case I need a familiar back up immediately. (I just saved again). This is essential when it comes to doing time sensitive client work.
  • I can turn off the MB just by closing the lid - the other machine would have a fit if I did that.
I still have a lot to learn and the first couple of weeks have been a little painful. However I have been doing more and more with this and loving the new sensations. I look forward to the day when I can do everything on my new mac. Hopefully that day is in the near future because it gets complicated carrying two computers around with me especially when they are supposed to make my life easier and less complicated. Then I have to check to see what information is on which computer - you understand my situation.

I guess you won't get a synopsis of my last few months because that was killed by the mac so I will look forward to the rest of the new year with eager anticipation and with the promise of more timely entries.

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