Sunday, March 30, 2008

Did you participate in Earth Hour

Last night at 8pm I turned off all unnecessary lights and appliances in my house. My husband wasn't on board so he agreed to be in one room of the house while the rest of the house was in darkness. It worked out well.

Just after 8pm I climbed the hill of which my house is at the bottom. I wanted to see how many of my fellow Bermudians were participating. From what I could tell it looked like about 40% of the island was in darkness. My immediate neighbors must have forgotten or not known because most of their houses were ablaze.

When I returned home at about 8:20 I got my iPod and lay on the couch with a flashlight at the ready and a glass of chilled white wine within easy reach. Peacefully I listened to music and played a game on the iPod. I so enjoyed the space I was in I didn't turn my lights on again until 9:20pm.

First of all did you participate and if so what did you do ... tell all.

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