Thursday, January 17, 2008

A new year ... a new point of view

I initially thought I wouldn't set any new years resolutions for myself. Most of the time I don't follow them or by February I've forgetten why I made them in the first place. However I have had to change my mind, thanks to my husband.

We went grocery shopping this week and as we were driving home I started to give him my thoughts on the fastest way to get home. I honestly believe he always selects the longest, most tortuous route. As my comments fell on deaf ears I swallowed my irritation and vowed that I would no longer give directions or make suggestions when he is driving. From now on I will simply sit back and enjoy the view, no matter how dark it may be outside.

The second resolution I've made is not to give parking space suggestions no matter how many times he circles the parking lot searching for the spot furthest from the door. It often feels as though my helpful tips seem to fall on deaf ears.

So there you have it from a person who resolved not to make resolutions, I've made two. I'll let you know how I make out as time goes by.


tjdupree said...

Almost two weeks later, how are your resolutions holding up?

Aderonke said...

I think I have failed miserably ... which is the main reason for not making resolutions. Did you make any resolutions?