Thursday, December 20, 2007

Why are comic strips important?

There are a few comic strips I feel make my day a little brighter when I read them. I think they provide insight into life to help me realise that if I could draw and write in balloons while at the same time being funny, thought-provoking and astute, my life could be a comic strip that I would then sell for millions of dollars to syndicated newspapers.

Since most of us don't have this gift (well I'll speak for myself), since I don't have this gift I laugh at my life and perhaps the life of family members and friends reflected on line or in a newspaper comic strip that takes 15 seconds to read and gives a smile that lasts for 30 seconds.

A tiny bright spot in the middle of an otherwise busy and hectic day.

I love The Boondocks which I can only get emailed to me. I can't find their website. While I'm at it, if you know where I can get a The Boondocks XL tee shirt please let me know. So far I've search two states and not found one.

In the meantime, here's a strip I found recently:


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