Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Shopping for world peace

I haven't written since the summer. You know, life gets in the way of writing. Let's see, what have I been doing lately that is taking all my time?

- I am producing a great radio program - go to www.heartofthematterradio.com to listen to past shows.

- I am studying for the PMP exam. I take the exam on December 8.

- Work. If I thought I was busy before, I am flat out right now.

- Recreation and sleep, not sure what they are but I understand from others they are great concepts.

Now, the reason I'm writing. I watched the NBC Nightly news this evening and their last feature was called the Great American Apparel Diet. Basically, women are de-cluttering their lives and committing to not buying clothes for a year.

Wow! What a novel idea! What a notion! What a great opportunity.

Is this something I could do? Is this something that I could commit to? I like the idea. I like the idea a lot. IF I do decide to do this, when should I start? It stands to reason January 1, 2011 would be as good a time as any, you know, don't want to miss the Christmas sales. I can be judicious in my buying over the next few weeks and get a few things that I absolutely need. Some great pyjamas, summer and winter, a few white shirts (I always pick up a few each spring), a nice pair of black jeans (they are always in season) and a to-die-for suit that will satisfy my need to buy all things Jones New York.

As I put together my list I wonder what other areas this new found resistance to buying clothes will spill into? Can I stop buying purses for a year? Should I not get books and simply read all those I have in on my too-cramped bookcases? Unlike many women, I don't have a problem with shoes.

I just called my sister-in-law and explained the concept to her and she readily agreed. Without convincing, without blackmailing, without begging. She has agreed. So it would seem as though I have no excuse but to buckle down and find a way resist the 30% - 50% off racks.

One thing did cross my mind - how will I bond with my friends if we aren't shopping? Does this mean we will have to have meaningful conversation about important things - things other than, "this top looks like you and will go well with those orange pants you just got."

I think I will start making a list of things we can talk about instead of shopping:
- world peace
- what does happiness look like?
- what are you reading right now?
- what was the highlight of your day?

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