Friday, September 12, 2008

Seeing is believing

Let's face it we have all heard the notion that when you reach 40 or so, your eye sight starts to change and you will need reading glasses no matter how much you might rant and rail against the realities of the situation.

I am trying to get through the denial phase of not being able to see clearly so I can get the correct prescription for some reading glasses. Mind you, I am holding out hope that my contact lenses are the wrong prescription and I merely need new lenses for my glasses. However I did purchase two pairs of off the shelf reading glasses with a magnification of 1 and they work very well, in fact, maybe too well.

I keep a pair with my stitching equipment because I definitely wouldn't be able to see the minute details of my work without them. The second pair I have put into my purse because I am concerned that I may be at a client's office and given some important documents to read and I won't be able to see a word.

I had lunch with a friend earlier this week; we are about the same age and I asked her if she was having problems reading, she insisted the writing is getting smaller and fainter. I immediately concurred and so we consoled each other about the failings of the printing industry.

Vanity aside I am seriously grappling with the fact that if it is my eye sight today what else do I have to look forward as my body continues its ceaseless march to old age? I was even hesitant as I wrote 'old age' I was looking for a far more attractive way to phrase it, nothing came to mind.

Recently I was listening to some older people talking and for about 20 minutes straight they each discussed bodily functions and what was considered normal and what issues may be problem areas. I shudder to think that I will one day relish such discussions and knowing me be extremely knowledgeable about intimate details which I will be anxious to share with anyone willing to listen.

I look forward to the day when I can accept my changing eye sight and go to the optometrist so he can tell me what I'm experiencing isn't unusual all people of 'a certain age' experience the same problem.

Until that day I will continue to squint and have to read with the paper a little further away.

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